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Ms. Guo


Ms. Guo is an all-around champion of the Chinese national gymnastics team. 

The Guo family has trained many national gymnasts for China, won honors for Chinese gymnastics in the world, and has made unmatched contributions to the Chinese gymnastics world. Ms. Guo is the only girl among four siblings of the second generation of the Guo family. In addition to being influenced by her parents to practice gymnastics when she was young, she also received other training such as dance and figure skating, but her love for gymnastics guided her to go on the road to gymnastics. At a young age, she followed her two elder brothers to train seriously every day, and was soon selected by the Bayi team to enter professional team training. Ms. Guo won 7 gold medals for China (in 1982) in the two international invitational tournaments she participated in, 2 of which were all-around champions. After achieving such excellent results, Ms. Guo made up her mind to shed her aura after retiring, and came to the United States to open up a new world and experience another kind of life.

Ms. Guo
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