Competition Teams

est. 2020 


Competition team auditions happen twice per year (fall and summer). We have three competition teams based on age group: elite, junior, and mini-competition group. 

Dancers can voice their interest in auditioning for the competition group to be considered. 

Competitions we have attended: YAGP, Spotlight, World of Dance, KAR, Showstopper, and more. 

Elite Competition Team

IMG_7944 2.JPG

2021/22 Members:
 - Bianca Dong
 - Charlotte Huang
 - Cheryl Ku
 - Claire Chang
 - Demi Yan
 - Michelle Chang
 - Nicole Fung
 - Norah Chang


Junior Competition Team

2021/22 Members:
- Allison Lee
- Amber Zheng
- Annabella Chou
- Bella Chen
- Joann Lee
- Lexie Hsieh
- Zoe Chen