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Sadie is a freelance artist from and based in Los Angeles. She dances currently with Barak Ballet, Clairobscur Dance, Luminario Ballet, Southern California Dance Theater, Raiford Rogers Modern Ballet, Contempo Ballet, and Freaks With Lines.

Sadie is also a choreographer, producer and director for several dance films and productions. She trained with Riverside Ballet Arts, Houston Ballet Academy, and the School of American Ballet.

Before her freelance career, Sadie has been a company dancer with Texas Ballet Theater, Columbia City Ballet and Los Angeles Ballet.

Sadie is a choreographer and ballet teacher for students of all ages including adults and a yoga, barre and fitness teacher.


Sadie has also coached and choreographed for students competing at Youth America Grand Prix and other several dance competitions. Her ballets "Ra" and "Swing Time" were both invited to perform at the YAGP Finals in NYC.

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