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Associate Artistic Director/

Education Director

Originally from Malaysia, Radhanath (Rad) had been dancing all around the world since he was 10. He holds an MFA in Dance - Choreography at the University of California, Irvine. Rad is currently the Education Director at Yaya Dance Academy and is also the Founder/Artistic Director for Rad-ical Dance Company, which not only hold stage performances but also dance films. His works were awarded and premiered in Arizona, Malaysia, and Canada while some stage performances were premiered in California, Malaysia, and even Shanghai. During his school years, Rad graduated with honors and outstanding choreographer award at the University of California, Irvine, earning a BFA in Choreography, he also earned the highest honors award at Scottsdale Community College with three associates degrees in two years where he danced and toured with Instinct Dance Corps. He was lucky to have worked with Lar Lubovitch, Amir Kolben, Noa Wertheim, SiZheng Wang, Betsy Fisher just to name a few. While in UCI, he was also offered several scholarships, traveled to Israel, and was chosen as the only student choreographer to premier work in 2017 in Shanghai. 

While at Yaya Dance Academy, Rad had choreographed works for Pacific Symphony's Love Feast along with Yaya Zhang, and have sent students to several dance competitions. He also uses his talents in video editing to create dance films for the school and his students. Thanks to his love for technology, he also single-handedly built this website. His passion for the arts is definitely shown during his teaching as well hoping to share his knowledge with all dance lovers out there. 

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