•B.A in Dance from the University of California, Irvine

•B.A in Education Sciences with specialization in Digital Media and Learning from the University of California, Irvine


Nick’s background in the arts established an early interest in videography and performance culture. Starting his dance career on school teams, Nick was given an opportunity to dance that would not have normally been within his or his family’s grasp. During these high school years, Nick spent his 4 years in the drama program and his mornings at dance practice for his school team, in which he was captain for 2 years as the team began the competition process, and help led them to multiple placings in USA competitions in Northern California. At UCI, Nick studied dance and education. Working with the Film-Arts-Drama-Alliance on campus, Nick has been brought on numerous times as a choreographer for the annual big film project, such as “The Greatest Show at UCI” and “Don’t Stop Us Now”, both available on YouTube. In 2018, Nick was the director and choreographer for a segment of UCI’s annual philanthropy Greek Songfest, in which his direction received a 2nd place award, as well as an award for best choreography against 7 other productions. Opportunities outside of university included his work product testing and modeling for Discount Dance Supply and All About Dance. He was a call center representative for the companies as well, and deepened his knowledge of dance gear, costuming, and business models. He bases his classroom on his knowledge gained through his studies in Education Sciences. Nick hopes to take his experiences in dance and drama into his career as he aims to open his own studio and find efficient ways to widespread dance to those who can’t access it in the normal capacity such as his own origins with dance.